Alex MacLean: Aerial Perspectives

03 - 29 March 2014

An artist with a unique perspective - Alex MacLean takes us out of the streets and into the skies, reducing humanity down to the size of a model. A fully licensed pilot, MacLean uses his highly efficient Cessna 182 carbon fibre aeroplane to explore the world recording landscapes, architecture and human behaviour from a bird's eye view. The resulting photographs are thought provoking, yet beautiful, an investigation into humanity's footprint on the natural world. Farming patterns, coastal resorts, military sites and bizarre housing developments are just some of the poignant scenes featured in MacLean's first ever London show.

Alex MacLean graduated from Harvard with a Master of Architecture degree in 1973. His interest in aerial scenes came about through his study and understanding of community and commercial planning from an architectural perspective. Securing his pilot's license just 2 years after graduating, MacLean set up his own business specialising in aerial photography for architects, designers, planners and environmentalists. This quickly developed into a private artistic practice, which has blossomed over thirty years into one of the world's most significant archives of aerial photography.

Alex MacLean has produced 11 books and has continued to consistently win awards for his work, including the 2009 CORINE International Book Award. His work has been shown in galleries around the world and can be found in numerous private, public and university collections. This show aims to display some of MacLean's most striking photographs in celebration of the artist's exceptional contribution to photography.

Then exhibition will be online from 17th March. If you would like advance information then please contact us at the gallery -

Click here to view this exhibition on the Chris Beetles Fine Photographs website.

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