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Jack Russell (born 1963)


Signed, inscribed with title and dated 2012 on reverse

Oil on canvas

17 x 22 inches

The Art of Jack Russell, Gloucestershire: JR Marketing, 2013, Page 125

'Jack Russell: Artist & Cricketer', August-September 2018, No 32

The first time I played at Scarborough our captain David Graveney had a runner when batting due to an injury. the runner ran him out, going for the 5th run! not a good idea to do that to your own captain. i’ve never seen that before or since. Loved playing at Scarborough. Great festival that has hardly changed over the years. In fact it hasn’t changed at all apart from a new pavilion roof. the ground was always packed. I did have a nasty injury there once during practice before the match. A ball caught me above the eye and there was a nasty gash needing 16 stitches on the inside and 16 on the outside. it must have been a big hole because the doctor at the hospital went white when he saw it. When it happened I fell to the ground and there was a great concern from the players from both sides as the flood of blood covered the outfield and my white sun hat landing close by, but it was Yorkshire’s Darren Gough who uttered the most important words "with all that blood don’t worry about Jack, somebody save the bloody hat!"

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