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The Three Graces: A letter to Mr Snodgrass from Ebenezer Small

Edward Ardizzone (1900-1979)

McWhirter Lodge
Glengale Road
Oh horrible Snodgrass I have given you much leeway in the past & much advice. But you will never learn. Yet again you produce an advertising scheme which is deplorable. How often have I pointed out that the plump English mums to whom we sell that best of all foundation garments a 'Cumfi' corset, have no knowledge of the classics. They would rather be identified with the slim young things at the tennis club or dancing to Benny Goodman at the local Hop than to the naked voluptuousness of a Rubens nude.
No! No! No! – Look at a Schweppes advertisement in the local bar & draw your inspiration from that.
Yours in anger & disappointment
Ebenezer Small


Dated '6th Oct 1962'

Pen and ink

10 ½ x 7 ¾ inches

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1865-2019', Chris Beetles Gallery, November 2019-January 2020, No 119

Judy Taylor, in her edition of Ardizzone's Sketches for Friends, London: John Murray, 2000, notes that 'in 1959, for his own amusement, Edward Ardizzone began a series of illustrated letters to Mr Snodgrass, an imaginary (and extremely inefficient) publicity manager for a firm of corset manufacturers, Comfi-Corsets.'

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