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Tinnosets Hotel, Telemark, Norway

Augustus Hare (1834-1903)


Signed, inscribed 'Tinoset in Tellemarken', 'Norway' and '127', and with an extensive note, and dated 'July 18 1878' on reverse


6 ¾ x 9 ¼ inches

'late in the evening, long after the sunlight had faded, and when the forests seemed to have gone to sleep and all sounds were silent we reached tinoset. the inn is a wooden chalet on the banks of a lake with a single great pine-tree close to the door. it was terribly crowded, and the little wooden cells were the smallest apology for bedrooms, where all through the night we heard the winds howling among the mountains, and the waves lashing the shore under the windows. in the morning the lake was covered with huge blue waves crested with foam, and we were almost sorry when the steamer came and we felt obliged to embark, because, as it was not the regular day for its passage, we had summoned it at some expense from the other end of the lake.' (Augustus Hare, sketches in Holland and Scandinavia)

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