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Clearing Snow, Pole Hill

Stanley Roy Badmin (1906-1989)


Signed and inscribed with title
Dated 'March 1958-63' below mount

Watercolour with bodycolour and pencil

6 ½ x 9 ¾ inches

Chris Beetles, S R Badmin and the English Landscape, London: Collins, 1985, Page 81

'S R Badmin RWS, Paintings, Drawings & Prints', Chris Beetles Gallery, March - April 2015, No 25

Royle published this image as a greetings card.

'On seeing this watercolour again after many decades, the artist didn't at first recall the circumstances in which he had painted it. But a few seconds later memory came flooding back: "I was interested in this grass growing through the snow, and the shapes it made. It was a favourite spot of mine on the Downs in Kent, and I came here often down the main road from Bromley. Now, look at those rooks – and I suppose that must be a hare. I think this is a very pleasant one." Indeed, the mixture of care and spontaneity in many of the washes, particularly the distant subtle tones in the beech forest on the hill, make this a very pleasing watercolour.' (Chris Beetles,
S R Badmin and the English Landscape, London: Collins, 1985, page 81)

Beetles Choice - 16 February 2021

Stanley Roy Badmin (1906-1989) has a reputation that endures as one of the most significant and popular watercolourists of the post war era.

the time of his death he had sixteen people on a waiting list for one his special snow scenes.

the time when I was working with him on his biography in 1985:


He developed a great interest for the work of our own gallery artist Lesley Fotherby and wrote to her expressing his admiration and the hope that she would be put up for election to the RWS. He died shortly after this and it did not happen and this previously significant society has of course since established a relentless decline while Lesley Fotherby’s work continues to be ever more popular and interesting.

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