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Massa Ducale

Edward Lear (1812-1888)


Inscribed with title, 'roofs brown or grey – w chin' and 'flies!' and dated '11 July 1861'

Pen and ink with pencil on tinted paper

14 ½ x 19 ½ inches

'Chris Beetles Summer Show', 2016' No 21 In his diary for 11 July 1861, Lear described Massa as ‘ἒτσι κ´ ἒτσι’, that is ‘so and so’, and added that he ‘had once seen that more than a day here would be troppo’. Initially, he found little ‘worth drawing’, but at 3:30pm, after lunch and a siesta, he went with Giorgio ‘to an isolated chestnut-&-pine covered hill & drew till 5.30. Oranges frequent’. That session resulted in the present drawing.

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