The leading gallery in the world for illustrative and cartoon art presents its fourth selling exhibition devoted to the contemporary art of cartooning.

This year's show will celebrate the work of America's most famous post-war caricaturist, David Levine. Levine satirised the celebrated and the notorious through his highly individual wit and signature cross hatching for more than fifty years. We will be hanging more than forty pieces, including John Updike, Ezra Pound, Yeats and Hemingway.

Besides offering us the delight of recognition, his drawings comfort us, in an exacerbated and potentially desperate age, with the sense of a watching presence, an eye informed by an intelligence that has not panicked, a comic art ready to encapsulate the latest apparitions of publicity as well as those historical devils who haunt our unease. Levine is one of America's assets. In a confusing time, he bears witness. In a shoddy time, he does good work. Here he is.'
John Updike

To coincide with the Vincent Van Gogh show currently at the Royal Academy, for the first time ever we will be showing a collection of Larry's inimitably witty depictions of the artist and his works that he loved so much. We will also have a group of unique ceramic sculptures by Larry (1927-2003) on display.

We now represent the best-selling Daily Telegraph cartoonist Matt Pritchett and will be hanging a selection of his greatest works from the past year and his latest cartoons from the days leading up to and throughout the show.

The great variety and diversity of cartoons are reflected in the range of prices, with works from £100-£3500.

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