From Ashes to Zooter

We are thrilled to announce our first Cricket exhibition, with illustrations, cartoons and watercolours from 200 years of our nation's famous game.

From leather on willow and glory at Lords, to galumphing googlies and third-man humour, our show will be a body-line rib-tickler like no other.

It will also show off the rich visual history that is associated with the game. Cricket has been depicted by artists since its earliest days, and after 5 years of focused collecting, we will field an all-round display of genres and artists.

Over half the show will be devoted to cartoons. From Sir Len Hutton to Shane Warne, few cricketers of note have escaped the hawk-eye of our finest newspaper cartoonists. Names include Barry Appleby, Glen Baxter, Mark Boxer, Emmwood, Tony Husband, Jak, John Jensen, Kathryn Lamb, Larry, Nick Newman, Willie Rushton, Ralph Steadman, Roy Ullyett, Vicky and many more.

With over 200 pictures, and something for all tastes, our exhibition will be one bouncer that you won't want to duck.

10% of all picture sales will go to the charity Leukaemia Research