This year's cat show will be bigger and better than ever with over 200 pictures.
Chris Beetles Gallery, the principle dealer in Louis Wain, will be showcasing previously unseen pictures from the remarkable estate of a deceased Dublin psychiatrist. This large collection includes many of Wain's fascinating later works that show the artist's decent into schizophrenia, with the cats taking on colourful kaleidoscopic shapes and patterns. The aesthetic inspiration for these finds its source in Wain's childhood memories his mother designed carpets and his father was a textile salesman. This period of Wain's work is particularly rare and sought after.

Also included in this year's show are naughty cats by Ronald Searle and, for the first time, Norman Thelwell and the wonderful Willy Rushton will join the ranks of artists in the show.

The cat bonanza continues with new works by Susan Herbert, in particular a spectacular new version of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling. Herbert sheds a feline light on the past by inserting cats into the images of the historically mad, bad, great and good.
New works by Anne Mortimer, naturalistic cat artists Lesley Fotherby, Geraldine Girvan, Leslie Anne Ivory, Swiss artist Dede Moser are set to delight art lovers and cat lovers alike.

Chris Beetles is the publisher of the definitive biography