At Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire

The world's leading cartoon dealer is bringing his stock of jokes by the best cartoonists in Britain up the A1 to Yorkshire, the home of British humour.

In this exhibition, the great British genre of cartoon art will span three centuries from the rumbustious and satirical Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) through all the great 19th century Punch artists Charles Keene, George Du Maurier, and John Tenniel to the best of the 20th century. This was perhaps Britain's greatest period for graphic humour, as artists such as Beerbohm, E H Shepard, and Ronald Searle, took on wars, political turmoil, social upheaval, and the domestic travails of the English class system.

We still live in an age of conflict and uncertainty, meat and drink to the talented group of contemporary cartoonists that will be on show: sharp-penned political regulars Peter Brookes (The Times), Matt (Daily Telegraph), Christian Adams (Daily Telegraph), Martin Rowson (Guardian), and the greatest living gag artists: Frank Dickens (Bristow), Ed McLachlan (Private Eye, Spectator, and Oldie), Kipper Williams (The Sunday Times), Mac (Daily Mail), and Mike Williams representing the present great days of Punch.

The enjoyable history of cartooning is further completed with an irresistible display of characteristic humour from Heath Robinson, Rowland Emett, Norman Thelwell, and the late great favourite of the gallery, Larry (Terence Parkes).