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Chris Beetles GalleryChris Beetles GalleryChris Beetles GalleryChris Beetles Gallery

The Chris Beetles Gallery occupies a distinct niche in the world of commercial art galleries by specialising in traditional artworks from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and by remaining particularly focused on watercolours, illustrations and cartoons.

The gallery was opened by Chris Beetles in 1975, and has been based in St James’s, London’s famous art dealing district, since 1984. Its full range of stock is available to view on site, on request.

Chris Beetles Gallery maintains the greatest stock of original illustrations and cartoons in the world, with large holdings of original artwork by all the great illustrators available for sale, including Louis Wain, Arthur Rackham, William Heath Robinson, E H Shepard, Ronald Searle and Norman Thelwell. It is also the exclusive representative of Quentin Blake, Peter Brookes of The Times and Matt of the Daily Telegraph.

The Chris Beetles Gallery has done much to popularise this rapidly growing collector’s area, and every November stages ‘The Illustrators’, a celebration of the medium with over 1000 pictures for sale. The catalogues produced for this and other exhibitions comprise the definitive literature on the subject, bought by libraries and museums around the world.

The Chris Beetles Gallery holds the country’s largest stock of 18th, 19th and 20th century British watercolours specialising, in particular, in Thomas Rowlandson, members of The Old Water Colour Society, Hercules Brabazon Brabazon, Albert Goodwin and S R Badmin. Additionally, it represents a select group of traditional contemporary artists. Widely known for its expertise in watercolours, the Chris Beetles Gallery also deals significantly in oils and sculptures. The gallery manages the estate of the popular sculptor, Sydney Harpley RA.

Specialist exhibitions change on a monthly basis, while a permanent display of the full range of stock is maintained on the other floors of this bright, dynamic space. A complete framing service and advice on valuation and restoration are available on site.

With over 25,000 pictures in stock, and prices ranging from £100 to £250,000, we are confident that no other gallery in London can offer such a wide range of desirable, original artwork for sale.