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Val Archer (born 1946)

Val Archer (born 1946)

Blurring distinctions between still life, interior and the record of architectural detail, Val Archer has developed a highly original and absorbing body of work. Attentive to the aesthetic pleasures of life, she handles paint sensitively and sensuously, and keeps alive the canvas and paper through thrilling combinations of colour, texture and motif. Flowers, fruits and fabrics are set against complex, resonant surfaces to encapsulate feelings for places and cultures.

Val Archer was born in Northampton and was educated there at the High School for Girls. While still at school, she attended on Saturday mornings Henry Bird’s drawing classes at Northampton School of Art. A painter of the old school, Bird was helpful and encouraging: as useful and illuminating as his rigorous approach to life-drawing was his knowledgeable passion for the Italian masters.

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