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Ernest Lessieux (1848-1925)

Ernest Lessieux

Ernest Louis Lessieux (1848-1925)

A confident watercolourist and draughtsman, Ernest Lessieux developed a career as both a teacher and an exhibiting artist. Moving from La Rochelle to Menton, on the Riviera, he became popular with English visitors, in particular, who took lessons from him and bought his work. This success enabled him to make a number of sketching tours around the Mediterranean and so broaden his range, often in the company of his son, the artist Louis Lessieux.

Ernest Lessieux was born on 3 August 1848, at 2 Rue du Brave Rondeau, La Rochelle, the capital of the department of Charente-Maritime, on the west coast of France. he was the second of four children of the stained glass painter, Louis Jean Lessieux, and his wife, Marie Catherine (née Guillon). Until 1862, he attended the Ecole Municipale, in Nantes, some 85 miles north of La Rochelle.

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