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Clifford Fishwick (1923-1997)

The Independent
Tuesday, 28 January 1997
Obituary: Clifford Fishwick

Clifford Fishwick was one of the group of talented West Country artists who extended the great tradition of English landscape painting into modern terms. He was a friend of the St Ives painters – Peter Lanyon, Paul Feiler, Trevor Bell – and he exhibited regularly with the Newlyn and Penwith Societies, but like most of that group he had come to the West Country from elsewhere.
He was brought up in Ellesmere Port and never altogether lost his northerner's accent and sly, self-deprecating sense of humour. His first one-man show in London gave him less pleasure than the banner headline under which it was reviewed in the Ellesmere Port paper: "Local Exhibitionist".
Fishwick was a painter of great technical skill and discipline which he acquired the hard way at the Liverpool School of Art. In 1942, after two years of the rigorous academic training which was then required for Certificates in Painting and Drawing, he joined the Navy and spent the next four years sailing on convoys back and forth across the Atlantic.
He returned to art school, in 1946, to complete his training and take an Art Teachers Diploma. The following year, he moved to Devon and began teaching at the Exeter College of Art where he stayed until he retired in 1984.

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