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Henry Jutsum (1816-1869)

Henry Jutsum (1816-1869)

A skilled painter of landscapes in both oil and watercolour, Henry Jutsum absorbed the influence of members of the highly regarded Norwich School of Painters to produce exquisitely detailed and accurate paintings of idyllic British rural scenes.

Henry Jutsum was born in London on 11 September 1816, the second son of John Jutsum and his wife, Elizabeth. he was baptised at St Mary Marylebone on 4 October. As a child, he was educated in Devon, where his rural surroundings ensured that a precocious artistic talent was turned towards landscape painting from an early age. When he returned as a young man to London to complete his studies, his countrified upbringing inspired him to regularly paint from nature, particularly in Kensington Gardens.

From the mid 1830s, the young Henry Jutsum began to establish his reputation as a skilled landscape artist. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1836 at the age of 19, and would exhibit there every year except 1867, until his death.

Around this time, he also began exhibiting at the British Institution, a private art society in Suffolk Street, London.

One of the most significant moments of Jutsum’s career was the decision to become apprenticed to the Norwich School artist, James Stark.

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