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Murdered Masterpieces: Gems At the Royal Academy Reset

Edward Tennyson Reed (1860-1933)


Signed with monogram and inscribed with picture captions
Inscribed 'Priceless gems at the Royal Academy' and 'Graphic' and dated 'May 2 1914' on original mount


17 x 12 inches

The Graphic, 9 May 1914, Page 797

'The Long Nineteenth Century: Treasures and Pleasures', Chris Beetles Gallery, March-April 2014, No 142;
'A Century of British Art: 1900-1945', Chris Beetles Gallery, 21 June-17 July 2021, No 18

E T Reed epitomises and satirises the state of British art, and specifically the Royal Academy of Arts, on the eve of the First World War. The 146th Summer Exhibition took place at Burlington House between 4 May and 15 August 1914. On 5 May, the suffragette, Mary Wood, attacked John Singer Sargent’s portrait of Henry James.

Gallery No II: Oils
99: J J Shannon RA [1862-1923]: Thomas L Devitt Esq [Chairman of Lloyd’s Register]
109: The Late J H F Bacon, ARA [1868-1914]: William Nevett, Esq

South Rooms: Oils
234: David Murray RA [1849-1933]: The Bora, Venice

Gallery No III: Oils
350: Edward J Poynter, Bt, PRA [1836-1919]: The Sea Bath [also known as The Champion Swimmer, this work is now in Wolverhampton Art Gallery]
373: Arthur Hacker RA [1858-1919]: Presentation Portrait: Rt Hon George Lambert PC MP [1868-1958; civil lord of the Admirality in the Liberal cabinet of the time, he would be created Viscount Lambert in 1945; private collection]
384: William Orpen ARA [1878-1931]: Richard B Fudger, Esq of Toronto

Gallery No IV: Oils
433: Arnesby Brown ARA [1866-1955]: Dawn
461: P A de Laszló [1869-1937]: Lady Richard Wellesley [1889-1946; the wife of Captain Lord Richard Wellesley (1879-1914), the third child of the 4th Duke of Wellington, who served in the Grenadier Guards and died from wounds received in action during the first battle of Ypres.]

Gallery No V: Oils
539: R Grenville Eves [1876-1941]: John Gow, Esq

Gallery No VII: Oils
640: The Late Sir Hubert von Herkomer [1849-1914]: Arthur Bourchier, Esq [1863-1927; an actor and theatre manager, he was noted for his roles in Shakespeare’s plays, and especially the lead in Henry VIII.]
647: F Cadogan Cowper ARA [1877-1958]: Walter Carlile Esq JP DL [1862-1950; Conservative MP for Buckingham until 1906, he would be made a baronet in 1928; this work is now in the collection of Buckinghamshire County Council.]

Gallery No VIII
694: Stanhope A Forbes, RA [1857-1947]: Philip Dawson Esq [1866-1938; an electrical engineer, he worked for the Ministry of Munitions during the First World War, and was subsequently knighted, while, from 1921, he wold serve as Conservative MP for Lewisham West; in 1977, his family presented this work to the Institute of Fuel, which he had served as President.]
718: John Lavery ARA [1856-1941]: The Studio of the Painter [private collection]

Lecture Room: Sculpture
2207 W Reid Dick [1879-1961]: Femina Victrix – group, bronze

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