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The Sixth Column the Sixth Column Frustrate a Vain Attempt by the Fifth to Starve Us Out by Poisoning the Pigeons In Trafalgar Square

William Heath Robinson (1872-1944)


Signed and inscribed with title

Pen ink and monochrome watercolour

15 ¼ x 11 ¾ inches

The Sketch, 19 June 1940, Page 355

'Heath Robinson, Machines and Inventions', The West House & Heath Robinson Museum Trust, Pinner, 19 March-17 April 2011, No 59
'William Heath Robinson 1872-1944', Chris Beetles Gallery, 25 May-22 June 2011, No 148;
'The Inventive Art of William Heath Robinson', Chris Beetles Gallery, 16 March-9 April 2016;
'A 150th Anniversary Celebration of William Heath Robinson(1872-1944)', Chris Beetles Gallery, June-July 2022

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