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You Taught Me All I Know ...

Peter Brookes (born 1943)


Signed and dated '1 xii 23'

Ink and watercolour

8 x 11 inches

The Times, 1 December 2023

The Times Magazine, 23 December 2023, page 52-53

"Henry Kissinger died. I can't see how people have been praising Kissinger the way they have been, when he was the author of so much killing and destruction. He may have brought peace, but it was at huge, huge costs to civilians. If Putin and President Xi both praise you to the sky when you die, that must mean you're a pretty bad lot. I'm comparing Kissinger to Netanyahu here in terms of bombing. The Israelis are defending the high body count in Gaza by saying they do their best to prevent civilian deaths, which is nonsense when you consider the vast majority of Gazans killed are civilians. Israel has got to stop this massive death toll.
Some people complained that this cartoon is antisemitic - it's not." Peter Brookes

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