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A Market Day At Rosetta

Walter Tyndale (1855-1943)


Inscribed with title on orginal backboard


10 ½ x 7 inches

'Chris Beetles Summer Show', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, 2010, no 316;
'The Spring Show', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, February-April 2012, no 493;
'Three Victorian Travellers', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, March-April 2024

'Rosetta came up to my expectations as a sketching ground, and [Henry] Simpson was soon able to show me all the choicest bits. the bazaars were at their best; some of the stalls were laden with fruit both from Syria and the surrounding country...'
'The fruit stalls first attracted my brush. Oranges and lemons were in placed heaped up in great piles to be sold by auction tot eh retailers; huge clusters of dates, baskets overflowing with pomegranates, stacks of sugar-cane, and bundles of artichokes, gave one the whole range of the palette to play with.'
Walter Tyndale,
Below the Cataracts, London: Heinemann, 1907, pages 258-259

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