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Salisbury Cathedral

Albert Goodwin (1845-1932)


Oil on paper

10 ½ x 14 ¼ inches

John R Goodyear Collection

'Albert Goodwin RWS (1845-1932), The John & Mary Goodyear Collection', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, April-May 2022, no 6

Diary, 1902, May 8th, Thursday, 9 p.m. Salisbury.
'Thank God for a safe return. We found a letter saying that Mother would be at Salisbury, and our ship getting in at 6 a.m. we came on, reaching here at 10 a.m. Olive's squeal of delight when she saw our faces at the carriage window was our first welcome, though the lovely landscape had smiled a welcome to us long before. Now we are at last with those we love, and I suppose the whole past three months will soon be as a dream. It seemed curious that yesterday I was at sea in my cabin working on the memory of Niagara; this evening out on old Sarum making a sketch of that. How glad am I our travels are over. Have still to get to the others on Saturday and leave here on that day for Ilfracombe. What a new face the English country has for one after America, the delightful sense of venerableness and reverent age in the habitations of men, while Salisbury Close never looked more entrancing.'

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