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Caves At Ariccia, Near Rome

Thomas Hartley Cromek (1809-1873)


Signed, inscribed 'Ariccia' and dated '28th Aug 1845'


15 x 20 inches

'Drawn to the 19th Century', Chris Beetles Gallery, 9-27 February 2016

'In his journal, "Reminiscences at home and abroad 1812-1855" Thomas Hartley Cromek kept a detailed account of his life and work living in Italy and Greece with many observations of the beautiful sights that he painted. in a letter written to his niece from Ariccia on august 29th 1845, he wrote: "Ariccia is a most lovely place; we are in the woods and fields in three minutes after leaving our house; and with the exception of the fine old hall, it has all the charms of heath, and many others besides. It is 16 miles from Rome, on the Alban Hill and it is much frequented by artists of all nations, whose presence renders it very agreeable" (Thomas Hartley Cromek. a biographical sketch, Suzanne Zack 1999)

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