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Chris Beetles Summer Show 2017

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A Chris Beetles Publication
Paperback, 260 x 210mm, 141 pages
Chris Beetles Ltd
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The Chris Beetles Summer Show is an annual exhibition comprising a superlative range of British oils and watercolours. Among the 56 artists featured in this year’s exhibition are gallery favourites: John Varley, Rose Barton, Edward Lear, Albert Goodwin, Anthony Green and James Butler. A particular highlight is a feature on John Norris Wood with an appreciation written by Keith Grant. An impressive number of new and updated biographies have been written, including those on Francis Nicholson, Thomas Rowlandson, George Haydock Dodgson, Waller Hugh Paton, Henry Moore, William Joseph Julius Caesar Bond, Karl Hagedorn, James Hamilton Hay, Stanley Anderson and S R Badmin.

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