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Carnival of the Animals

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Written by:
Michael Morpurgo Illustrated by Michael Foreman
Hardback, 260 x 190mm, 90 pages
Harper Collins
Publication year:

Lion, Donkey, Cuckoo, Narwhal, Giraffe and more - they all have stories to tell, songs to sing - and this book is where they sing their songs to you.

Inspired by
The Carnival of the Animals - a humorous musical by the French composer Camille Saint-Saens. Master Storyteller Sir Michael Morpurgo leads a tour of the world in these all-new animal poems, told in their own voices.

Full of humour, spark and wisdom, the animals tell of their lives and the impact of humanity on their habitats in a colourful, bright and thrilling work of poetic wonders, gorgeously illustrated throughout by iconic artist Michael Foreman.

Celebrating with inimitable heart and humour the creatures who share our planet, this stunning collection is sure to ignite a love of poetry in young readers, and is a book to treasure and to inspire.

This book has been signed by Michael Foreman.