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Frederick Henry Henshaw RBSA (1807-1891)

Frederick Henry Henshaw, RBSA (1807-1891)

Henshaw became one of the best known of Birmingham’s Victorian landscape painters, and was particularly admired for his depiction of woodland.

Frederick Henshaw was born in Birmingham on 11 December 1807. His earliest lessons in drawing were based on copies made by two of his brothers during classes taught by Samuel Lines. On attending the branch school of King Edward’s foundation in Shutt Lane, he received his lessons from Mr Downes. Then, on moving to the Grammar School in New Street at the age of 13, he came under the tutelage of Joseph Vincent Barber. A year later, he became apprenticed to Barber, alongside Thomas Creswick, among others.

As a painter of landscapes, and occasionally of portraits and genre scenes, in both oil and watercolour, Henshaw gained a significant local reputation and, in 1826, helped establish the Birmingham Society of Artists.

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