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Arthur Anderson Fraser (1861-1904)

Arthur Anderson Fraser (1861-1904)

The best of the watercolours of Anderson Fraser show highly atmospheric views of Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire.

Anderson Fraser was born in Bedford on 20 December 1861. Between 1872 and 1880, he attended the local grammar school and, while there, studied art under Bradford Rudge. He exhibited watercolours regularly between 1882 and 1891, mainly at the Society of British Artists. Though he married in 1885, he and his family continued to live with his parents, moving with them to Hemingford Grey, Huntingdonshire, in 1887. Three years later, he founded a Jacobite society, the White Cockade Club, at Holywell. He died of a heart attack at his home in Holywell on 2 March 1904.

His work is represented in the collections of the Bedfordshire Record Office (Bedford), The Cecil Higgins Art Gallery (Bedford) and The Norris Museum (St Ives, Huntingdon).

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