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John George Naish (1824-1905)

John George Naish

John George Naish (1824-1905)

The long and successful career of John George Naish divided into two highly distinct phases. He first established himself as a painter of idealised figure subjects in the tradition of his mentor, William Etty. However, in the late 1860s, he turned almost completely to landscapes, and specialised in intense scenes of the coasts of Cornwall and Devon, the latter becoming his home.

John George Naish was born in Midhurst, Sussex, on 9 April 1824, the elder son of the grocer, John Foord Naish, and his wife, Elizabeth (née Gatehouse). Much to the delight of his father, who was a lover of art, he showed an early talent for drawing. however, his progress in this field was almost permanently halted when he reached the age of nine, for, ‘while visiting an uncle in Chichester, his cousin accidentally shot him in the left eye with a steel-pointed arrow.

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