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Royston Robertson (born 1968)

Royston Robertson (born 1968)

As a cartoonist, Royston Robertson has contributed to a wide range of periodicals, and has also worked for Oxford University Press, Children’s BBC and Amnesty International.

Royston Robertson was born in Catterick, North Yorkshire. Royston began drawing cartoons from a young age and between school and university ran the comic,
DoodleBug, with a group of friends. After university, he trained as a journalist, working for The Times as a sub-editor. He continued to draw and sell cartoons during this time and began cartooning full-time in 2004. His cartoons have been published in Private Eye, Reader’s Digest, The Spectator, The New Statesman, The Oldie and numerous others. He has also produced work for organisations such as Oxford University Press, Children’s BBC and Amnesty International. He currently lives in Broadstairs, Kent.

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