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Barry Appleby (1909-1996)

Barry Appleby (1909-1996)

Barry Appleby was born in Birmingham on 30 August 1909. He studied art at Epsom Art School (1934), Heatherley’s (1935), Central School of Art (1936) and the Royal Academy Schools (1936), and learned cartooning through the Percy Bradshaw Press Art School. He began work as a journalist and later became a cartoonist, contributing to the Star, the Sketch and other publications, and drawing motoring subjects under the name of ‘App’. He is best known for the internationally syndicated strip ‘The Gambols’, produced with his wife Dobs. George and Gaye Gambol first appeared in 1950, as gamblers (on horses) in a single panel cartoon on the sports page of the Daily Express. A year later, ‘The Gambols’ was developed into a strip, and by 1956 it also appeared in the Sunday Express.

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