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Stephen Reid RBA (1873-1948)

Stephen Reid, RBA (1873-1948)

While absorbing the influence of his better-known contemporaries, Stephen Reid developed a distinctive graphic style, which he applied, as painter and illustrator to a range of historical subjects.
Stephen Reid was born – of Banffshire farmer stock – in Aberdeen on 30 May 1873, and educated at Robert Gordon’s College. He spent four years working in the office of an uncle, before studying locally at Gray’s School of Art and then in Edinburgh at the Royal Scottish Academy. He developed a particular interest in historical subjects, and was influenced in this direction by the work of Edwin Austin Abbey. His illustrations first appeared in The Temple Magazine (1896-97) and other periodicals; while from the turn of the century he also illustrated books, including myths and legends, as well as other classics. Also a painter, he exhibited in London and the provinces, and was elected to the membership of the Royal Society of British Artists (1906). He died in Hampstead on 7 December 1948.
His work is represented in the collections of Reading Museum & Town Hall.

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