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Newton Fielding (1799-1856)

Newton Smith Limbird Fielding (1799-1856)

The youngest of the highly productive Fielding brothers, Newton Fielding shared his time between London and Paris, and worked in both cities as a painter, printmaker and drawing master. During the 1820s, he was close to Richard Parkes Bonington and his Anglo-French circle.

Newton Fielding was the youngest of the five artist sons of the Yorkshire painter, Nathan Theodore Fielding, of whom the best known was Copley Fielding. Probably born in London, he became apprenticed to a doctor in the capital in 1815, while exhibiting at the Society of Painters in Water Colours for the first time in the same year (during its reconstitution as the Society of Painters in oil and Water-Colours). Exhibiting there for a second time in 1818, he abandoned his articles and turned to art, joining the family business at 26 Newman Street, in the artists’ quarter north of Oxford Street. He made his name with brightly-coloured watercolours of animals and birds in natural settings, partly inspired by the sporting tradition of the Alken family of artists.

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