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Charles Robertson RWS RE (1844-1891)

Charles Robertson, RWS VPRE (1844-1891)

Charles Robertson established himself early in his career as an Orientalist painter in the tradition of John Frederick Lewis and Frank Dillon. Increasingly, as he moved from oil to watercolour, he also became known for his atmospheric English landscapes, and especially ports and harbours.

Charles Robertson was born in Liverpool, and probably studied art in London. However, by 1862, he had moved to Aix-en-Provence. From there he embarked on the first of a number of sketching tours, to Algeria, inspired by the idea of painting the Middle East. In 1863, while still living in Aix, he submitted an Algerian subject as his first exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts.

On 12 December 1865, Robertson married Alice Mary Lonsdale in Cheltenham.

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