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Walter Field ARWS (1837-1901)

Walter Field, ARWS (1837-1901)

Walter Field brought an element of poetry to his landscape oils and watercolours, through their atmospheric handling and their literary associations. He often worked close to home, on Hampstead Heath, and also along the Thames.

Walter Field was born at Windmill Hill, Hampstead, on the northern edge of London, on 1 December 1837, the youngest son of Edwin Wilkins Field, the solicitor and artist, and his second wife, Letitia (née Kinder). During the 1840s, the family moved a few streets east to Squire’s Mount. He was educated at University College School, and then studied art at the Royal Academy Schools, under John Rogers Herbert (painting) and John Pye (engraving). Initially, he worked mainly in oil, producing landscapes, often with literary or historical associations, and occasional portraits.

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