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Dorothea Sharp RBA ROI VPSWA (1874-1955)

Dorothea Sharp RBA ROI VPSWA (1874-1955)

Dorothea Sharp was a British Impressionist known for her vibrant and spontaneous paintings of children at play in rural landscapes and on the coast.

Dorothea Sharp was born in Dartford, Kent, and following an inheritance of £100, from an uncle, began her artistic training at the age of 21. She studied first in Richmond and then at the Regent Street Polytechnic under David Murray and George Clausen. It was following the encouragement of Clausen that she continued her studies in Paris. It was there that she first absorbed the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist appreciation of movement and colour that was to define her style and career. In Paris, she also discovered Claude Monet, whose work, particularly his use of colour and loose handling, had a strong influence on her work.

Sharp exhibited her first painting, Playmates, at the Royal Academy of the Arts in 1901, and until 1948, she exhibited 54 paintings at that venue.

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