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Eric Holt (1944-1997)

Eric Stace Holt (1944-1997)

Eric Holt was a draughtsman and painter, who worked mainly in tempera. A slow, meticulous and self-critical artist, he became best known for his highly-wrought figure compositions, including Biblical scenes in modern dress, which led some critics to describe him as a talented follower of Stanley Spencer. Having a strong interest in the countryside, and its crafts and pursuits, he also produced scenes of country and suburban life, and some pure landscapes. His work invariably displays a strong sense of design, vivid characterisation and elements of the surreal.

Born in Sutton, Surrey, on 12 May 1944, Eric Holt was half-brother to the painter, Ronnie Copas (1936-2017). From as early as the age of 13, he was focussing on art by taking a special course at Sutton East School.

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