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Norman Neasom RWS RBSA SAS (1915-2010)

Norman Neasom, RWS RBSA SAS (1915-2010)

Having grown up on a farm in Worcestershire, Norman Neasom developed into a master of the figure in the landscape. However, he did so in a variety of ways, creating work that ranged from the purely naturalistic through the caricatural to the poetic and surreal, and that seemed to straddle the pagan and the pious.

Norman Neasom was born on the family farm of Birchensale, near Redditch in Worcestershire, on 7 November 1915, and lived there for his first 34 years. The farm itself, and the general environment in which Neasom grew up, obviously had an enormous effect upon him, and he retained an intuitive sense of time and place. He was steeped in the history of both Redditch and the counties to the west of his home town, which he tended to make the special province of his painting.

A pupil of first a local kindergarten, and later Redditch County High School, Neasom once said that he never had much of an education and ‘staggered through school on the strength of [his] art’. He became a member of the High School’s semi-autonomous art school, which was run by Ernest Lupton Allan.

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