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Margaret Tarrant (1888-1959)

Margaret Winifred Tarrant (1888-1959)

From the late 1900s, Margaret Tarrant was preoccupied with chronicling innocent childhood in its many moods and its great variety of activities. From 1920, her talents were channelled by her most important business relationship, with the Medici Society, which still publishes her books, cards and calendars today. Though her approach could seem highly idealised, even romanticised, its success lies in the degree to which it was grounded in close observation and the discipline of drawing from life.

Margaret Tarrant was born in Battersea, London, on 19 August 1888, the only child of the painter and illustrator, Percy Tarrant, who encouraged her early artistic talents. She grew up in Margate, Kent, and Clapham, London, and was educated at Clapham High School (1898-1905), where she won several prizes for drawing. In 1905, she began to train as an art teacher, but a lack of confidence in her ability to teach led her father to guide her into his own profession of illustrator.

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