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Sunset over the sea

Albert Goodwin (1845-1932)


Signed and dated 1917


9 ½ x 14 ¼ inches

Albert Goodwin RWS, 1845-1932, London: Chris Beetles, 1986, Limited Edition of 1000, Plate 175

'Chris Beetles Summer Show 2023', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, June-September 2023

Diary, 1918, June 26th.
How strange it seems that with the War which, when it started, was to all my thinking the end of all landscape painting (for me) as far as a livelihood was concerned, yet after four years of it we still live and on the whole I have fewer money cares than I had before the War. To be sure, I make less of an income though not much less, and charge about half as much for my work as I did before 1914, but we are able on these terms to live by it, and without privation I suppose I have got into the swing of picture-making and am fortunate in liking and painting because I like the subjects I do. Not, I hope, doing it because it pays, only it just happens that there is a public who wants the things I like, and who still seems to go for them when painted.
Picture dealers have mostly avoided me till late years. Now I have had more letters from them than ever I had before, though generally our deals have not come off.
One man is continually asking me for subjects which he thinks I can do and so writes that he would take half a dozen of my "Golden sunsets with no dark clouds." I send him some, he returns them all as not suiting his customers, but still wants me to send more painted to his recipe. I write back to say that I sent him representative work and as that does not suit him I can send no other. He ignores this after a waiting spell of a month or so, then writes again repeating his somewhat monotonous request for golden sunsets with no... I have ceased to reply and shortly expect another vain repetition. In this I see that anyway his clients are not in sympathy with my likings, for though a golden sunset is a golden spendour to me, yet it is much more so when the dark clouds are in it. This may be partly morbid on my part, I daresay it is, but it is very much to the front, and a cloudless sky is to me simply uninteresting, and I do not seem to want to paint it, save sometimes to use it as a background for some earthly scene where the earthly part is the real subject of interest.

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