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Garden At Ashinoyu

Walter Tyndale (1855-1943)




12 ¾ x 10 inches

Mrs Basil Taylor, Japanese Gardens, London: Methuen & Co, 1912, facing page 102

'The Long Nineteenth Century: Treasures and Pleasures', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, March-April 2014, no 60;
'Three Victorian Travellers', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, March-April 2024

'I remember a dear little garden of this kind on the road to Lake Biwa. The stones had all been carefully arranged, with a big 'Immovable' or 'Guardian' stone at the base, and its companion stone, lower, smaller, and rounder (supposedly of the feminine persuasion), lying gracefully on the ground at its feet. It all made, with some clipped Azalea bushes that bloomed in the very mouth of the shears, a charming group. Higher up the tender young green of a Maple stretched its pretty hands out, as if to wash them in the falling water, and " broke' (in appearance, not in reality) the fine thread of the fall.'
Japanese Gardens, pages 101-2

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