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Leslie Illingworth (1902-1979)

Leslie Illingworth (1902-1979)

The son of a Yorkshire quantity surveyor, Leslie Illingworth was born in Barry, Glamorgan on 2 September 1902, and was educated at Barry County School. He set aside his intention of becoming a hill farmer in order to develop his artistic talents, and began to contribute to the Western Mail while studying at Cardiff School of Art. On graduating from the Royal College of Art, to which he had won a scholarship, he returned to the Western Mail as its political cartoonist but, in 1927, left to work for Punch. On the death of Bernard Partridge in 1945, he became second cartoonist to E H Shepard, and in 1948 joined the Punch table. In 1949 he succeeded Shepard, alternating wi��th Norman Mansbridge until 1968.

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