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Algernon Talmage RA RBA HRE ROI RWA (1871-1939)

Algernon Talmage, RA RBA HRE ROI RWA (1871-1939)

Talmage is principally known as a painter of plein-air landscapes and pastorals in a restrained yet sparkling Impressionist manner.

Algernon Talmage was born in Fifield, Oxfordshire, on 23 February 1871, the second son of John Mayow Talmage by his second wife, Susan Penkivil. Both his mother and his paternal grandmother were of Cornish stock. During his childhood, he was involved in an accident with a gun, which crippled his right hand. As a result, he would paint with his left hand, and be exempted from active service in the First World War.

Little is known of Talmage’s early education, though it has been suggested that he spent a short time at university. However, he studied under Sir Hubert von Herkomer at his school of art in Bushey, Hertfordshire.

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