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Quiz (Powys Evans) (1899-1982)

Powys Evans was born in London on 2 February 1899, and was encouraged to develop his talents from an early age. A County Judge from mid-Wales, his father patronised George Sheringham, buying his silk fans (1911) and commissioning a set of panels of The Mabinogion for his country house, Ilmington Hall (1912). In turn, Evans himself became part of the Sheringham circle and, a decade later, caricatured Sheringham and himself walking arm-in-arm. With precocity and rapidity, he gained an enviable training, still finding time to serve in the Welsh Guards during the First World War. He received private tuition from Bevan and Gore, studied at the Slade School of Art under Tonks, and worked with F E Jackson, Sickert and Sylvia Gosse; of the last, he said, ‘to whose splendid teaching owe what knowledge of sound drawing I possess’.

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