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Fernand Lantoine (1876-1955)

Fernand Désiré Louis Lantoine (1876-1955)

Fernand Lantoine’s first experience of the light of the Mediterranean transformed his painting style from austere realist to vibrant colourist. This would provide the foundation of his later career, in which he worked for extended periods in Africa and produced striking Orientalist images. However, this development was interrupted during the First World War, when he became a prisoner of the Germans and forced to work on the Russian front. Even this distressing experience inspired his art, as he recorded camp life in acclaimed drawings and watercolours.

The son of a doctor, Fernand Lantoine was born in Maretz, in northern France, on 13 April 1876. At the age of 15, he moved to Belgium, and settled in Uccle, south of Brussels.

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