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Reamer Keller (1905-1994)

Charles Reamer Keller (1905-1994)
During a highly prolific career in which he was able to produce up to 50 cartoons a week, Reamer Keller established himself as one of America’s most syndicated and hard-working cartoonists. For almost 60 years, Keller’s cartoons appeared weekly in the country’s favourite publications, from The New Yorker to Playboy.
Charles Reamer Keller was born in Shenandoah, Virginia, on 11 January 1905, the son of Harvey F Keller, a mechanic with the Norfolk & Western Railway. Keller moved at an early age with his family to Portsmouth, Ohio, where he attended Portsmouth High School.
Reamer Keller gained artistic experience in his first job at the Compton Engraving and Printing Company, before attending the University of Cincinnati and then Ohio State University to study architecture. As a student, he would draw cartoons for pleasure, but never considered a career as a cartoonist. On graduating from Ohio State, he sold his first cartoon to the sports editor of the
Columbus Citizen.

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