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Duncan Carse (1876-1938)

Andreas [Andrew] Duncan Carse (1876-1938)

Of Norwegian and Scottish parentage, Duncan Carse was a wide-ranging artist and designer. As an illustrator, he is best known for his delightful and delicate fairy subjects.

By the turn of the century, Duncan Carse was being described as ‘a successful designer’ (
The Art Record, 1901). He associated with James Guthrie, Gunning King and other artists who were members of a guild of handicrafts at South Harting, Petersfield, Hampshire (now in West Sussex). Both he and Guthrie were members of the Bookplate Society, with Carse acting as its Honorary Treasurer and Guthrie as its Exhibition Secretary in 1903. Probably living in Blackheath by this time, he was also a member of the Blackheath Art Club, sending his first Royal Academy exhibit from there in 1904.

In 1907, the year of his marriage, Carse travelled to the United States.

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