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Paul Mak (Pavel Ivanov) (1891-1967)

Pavel Petrovich Ivanov (1891-1967),
known as ‘Paul Mak’ and ‘Pavel Ivanov Mak’

The life of the Russian-born artist, Paul Mak, was so crowded with incident that his biography reads like a novel. He was at various times an outstanding tango dancer, distinguished soldier, reckless gambler, impoverished labourer and enforced worker, first in a coal mine and then on an airfield. The stage for these activities took in not only Moscow and St Petersburg, but also Persia and Egypt, and several European capitals. Indeed, if he were not so divinely talented, there might be the danger of his life overshadowing his art. However, he distinguished himself in many forms of image-making, including portraits and caricatures, designs for the theatre, illustrations and Persian style miniatures.

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