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Robin Jacques (1920-1995)

Robin Jacques (1920-1995)

Robin Jacques was born in Chelsea, London on 27 March 1920 and educated at the Royal Masonic Schools, Bushey, Hertfordshire. Self-taught as an artist, he worked as an apprentice to a firm of commercial artists before serving in Second World War, first as a gunner in the Royal Engineers, and later as a cartographer. In quiet moments, he began to combine his love of literature with his artistic talents by attempting to illustrate the books he carried with him and, on leave in London in 1944, he offered his services to the Editor of the
Radio Times. Regular contributions followed over many years to both the Radio Times and the Listener, establishing him as a distinct talent and the heir to Eric Fraser. Jacques also lectured at Brighton School of Art (1947-8) and acted as art editor for the Strand magazine.

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