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Caroline Paterson (1856-1911)

Caroline Toulmin Paterson (1856-1911), also known as Mrs Caroline Sharpe

Caroline Paterson was a Victorian watercolourist and illustrator. She specialised in domestic landscapes and interiors, often featuring children and always depicting a quintessentially idyllic view of rural England. She also forged a successful career as a children’s illustrator and, despite marrying in 1892, continued to work and exhibit until 1904.

Caroline Paterson was born in Altrincham, Cheshire, in 1856, the daughter of Dr Alexander Henry Paterson and his wife, Mary Chance Paterson (née Herford), she was one of the seven siblings of the artist, Helen Allingham (née Paterson). She came from an artistic family; her maternal grandmother, Sarah Smith Herford, and aunt, Laura Herford, were both accomplished artists in their day. In 1860, Laura Herford was famously the first woman to attend the Royal Academy Schools, after she was admitted by accident when she submitted work under her initials, ‘L.

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