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Gabriel Alborozo (born 1972)

Gabriel Alborozo (born 1972)

The draughtsmanship of Gabriel Alborozo is at once economical and exuberant. Learning well from his artistic heroes, who include Gerard Hoffnung and Jean-Jacques Sempé, he produces concise images that speak volumes and contain a charm that can be equally well adapted to audiences of adults and children.

Gabriel Alborozo was born Gabriel Spring in Northampton on 2 October 1972. He is the youngest of three children of a journalist mother and painter and part-time teacher father. Educated at Stratford-Upon-Avon High School and at a secondary school in Adelaide, Australia, he is essentially self-taught as an artist. Encouraged by the cartoonist, Larry, and the artist, Paul Hogarth, he began to contribute cartoons at the age of 15 to Private Eye, Punch and The Spectator, under the name ‘W Spring’. Since then, he has worked as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator.

During his twenties, Gabriel lived in Sydney, and while there produced background paintings for various animated features and series. He has also worked as an archaeological illustrator – an activity that has led him to ‘all sorts of hot and uncomfortable places’, including the Western Sahara.
However, his first love has always been illustrating for children, in order ‘to bring as much joy and humour as possible into worlds that readers visit’. By next year, he will have published nine picture books, in English and French, including six with his own texts.

Now based in London, Gabriel is achieving a long-held ambition to show work at the Chris Beetles Gallery.

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