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Caroline Magerl (born 1964)

Caroline Magerl (born 1964)

Caroline Magerl is an award-winning and internationally distinguished illustrator, cartoonist and painter, who is now recognised as a unique and arresting presence. Her work spans from dark, enigmatic oil paintings, through incisive cartoons, to lively children’s book illustrations. It has been exhibited in a variety of galleries and art fairs and celebrated in numerous publications.

Magerl’s book illustrations are a compelling combination of a child’s innocence and experience placed within a richly imagined world. They are produced with unusual craftsmanship by the use of pen and ink line and crosshatching imposed over softly vibrant watercolour washes. From this, a distinct and pleasingly playful sense of surrealism has emerged.

Caroline Magerl was born on 29 July 1964, in a small town called Griesheim, near Frankfurt, Germany.

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