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Girl Asleep On a Chair

Sydney Harpley (1927-1992)


Signed and numbered 3/6


43 x 53 x 29 inches

The Royal Academy Illustrated, 1955, Page 84; Contractors and Municipal Engineering, July 1955, 'Enchantment in Cement'; The Artist, July 1955; Manchester Guardian, 30 April 1955

Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition, 1955, No 1388, as Girl in a Chair (in Ciment Fondu)

Number three from an edition of six
Conceived in 1954/5 and first cast in bronze in 1991.
Syd Harpley created Girl Asleep on a Chair in ciment fondu, the only material that, as an impoverished young sculptor, he could afford. The model was a student at the Royal College of Art where Syd was working from 1953-1956. In 1991, a year before his premature death, we fulfilled his ambition of casting it in bronze; the resulting full edition quickly sold out.

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